Your wellness routine starts with your furniture (seriously)

Your home and furnishings affect your well being. Think about it, what you surround yourself with makes a difference. Intentional decisions about your furniture and decorating can positively impact you. I know this sounds like one of those basic health and wellness articles, so I’m going to give you an example. I found myself wandering out to visit my parents, and sat down in their living room and realized a few things. I’d like to start this off by saying, sorry mom and dad. While you have great taste, it’s not reflected in your living room (seriously, sorry about this one). 

First, I noticed their living room had no natural light due to the house being in such a wooded area. My dad still goes to his office, even during the pandemic, but my mom has been working from home. How she’s stayed productive in such a cave is beyond me. The furniture, as well was dark. This brings me to tip number one: lighting plays a huge role in wellness and how you feel! Even if you’re in a tiny New York apartment, with only a view of a brick wall and no sun exposure, you can make up for it with light furniture pieces and good lighting. 

Second, comfort. This one’s pretty self explanatory but we can break it down in a few different ways! My parents have a huge dog, who has decided the sofa is his. His nails have dug up the seats, which have made a once plush and comfortable sofa not so cozy anymore. There’s nothing worse than being at home and not feeling cozy! Prioritize your wellness and make sure there are comfortable options in your space. Here’s a personal recommendation, one of my favorite brands is article! They have sleek lines in all of their sofa designs, and they’re SO cozy. 

Finally, organization. This one is more a dig at myself, so relax mom and dad, you’re off the hook. Being surrounded by clutter can instantly take a hit on your mood. It can make you feel overwhelmed in your sanctuary, which can easily translate into feeling overwhelmed in your work life or personal life. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have furniture pieces that help you stay organized. You can start with bookcases to organize baskets (not just books! It could be office supplies, DVDs, dog toys, we don’t judge). Personally, I made sure to pick a tv credenza with closed cabinets so I could store my laptop, wifi router, and some other clutter so it wouldn’t be visible in my living room!

These are just a few quick tips on how to optimize your space for your well being! Have more to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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