Why resale doesn’t panic in a pandemic

When you see shops on fifth avenue or luxury stores stacked tightly together in soho, its dreamy, and beautiful, but you also get this sense that these places are untouchable.

After seeing soho boarded up, and retail giants on fifth avenue close their doors, It’s the most unsettling feeling seeing these bullet proof giants finally go dark.

The answer seems obvious — consumers feel safest shopping at home right now, as IRL shopping takes a huge hit. And while shopping online, why not get the best value and find something pre-loved?

Here’s the other factor: supply is increasing. With more people at home, having more time to post their items (be it clothes, bags, jewelry, etc).

With momentum already coming from a sustainability movement, it’s no surprise that resale is becoming the new normal. And in a time where security in finances, and jobs is so up in the air, it makes perfect sense that users are directing their attention to resale.

Let us know, have you ventured into shopping pre-loved? Are you still ordering new products online? Or are you venturing out into stores?


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