What your Zoom background says about you

Let’s face it. Times are… weird.

Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. What’s weirder than being locked down for months on end, grocery store fights over toilet paper, or a mysterious virus that somehow is coming after are Nana’s and Grandpas?

Seeing your co-workers homes.

Virtual Background - Zoom Blog

In New York, we’ve been quarantined for almost 3 months, and every Monday, our office nestles together to virtually talk about the weekend, what we accomplished last week, and the goals we’ve set for what’s coming up.

Here’s the thing though, I find myself getting horrendously distracted by glimpsing into the 400ft dwellings all of my coworkers reside in. Sure, I’m used to the engineer and his quirky converse and the questionable $5 airpods case he ordered on amazon (seriously, I swear im not a mean human but why pay $250 for airpods and protect them with $5 silicone? please answer this for me). Anyways, seeing him in his home, his wall decor? A whole new experience.

And while we cant control corona, or our family members prancing through our zoom backgrounds, we can control our space. And let’s be real, one day, we’re going to have to all see each other again, so let’s talk zoom backgrounds so we don’t terrify our colleagues when we get back in the office.

First I’d like to pass the judgement off for a second if I can, as my boss one day took a video call with me and said, “Man, what happened?” I felt the shame cripple down my spine, as I looked at the messy background, my mattress ACTUALLY on my floor, wondering what I was presenting to not just a co-worker but my BOSS. I launch subway campaigns but actually sleep on the floor. What a look.

So from my 2 months of quarantine, here’s what I’ve discovered:

  1. Messy bed, messy you. Also ew why are you zooming me from your bed.
  2. If you’re backlit, I think you’re hiding something, you have zero understanding of lighting, or you like to look like someone doing an anonymous tv interview.
  3. A plain wall: Again, I think you’re hiding something. Not in a dexter serial killer sort of way (but maybe you threw a small rager the night before and haven’t cleaned? Maybe you’re fostering 3 dogs and don’t want to let on that your apartment now looks like a small petting zoo? I don’t know. But you’re hiding something, and im thinking about it instead of our conference call.
  4. You have lots of plants: You’re equal parts darling mixed with too much time on your hands. Especially if your plants are still alive. (My boss is going to think this is about him, but its not. But he also has a plant named Gigi and another named tree, so maybe this is accurate after all?)
  5. The bright, tidy background: this is debatable and a case by case situation you should analyze with each co-worker. For example, I used to work with this one girl and I could tell every inch of her house was actually clean. However, I too, have presented the bright tidy background, and know its a sham and I’m actually a mess. Be careful of this one.

The point is this: decorating your space doesn’t have to be expensive, and putting a little effort goes a LONG way. If you’re looking to spruce up your background (because let’s face it, we’re all spending a lot of time inside this year) check out AptDeco.com. We’re shamelessly promoting because we’ve just added tons of West Elm floor model furniture that will have your coworkers mentally complimenting your style (and probably wondering how much more you make than them 😂 meanwhile we’ll know you kept it trendy on a budget).


Stay safe, New York.

Love, AptDeco

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