3 Best websites to sell your stuff!

credit: oliviarink.com

We’re a *little* ahead of ourselves, but it’s basically that time of year again.

Yes, the time for organizing, decluttering, renewing and refreshing your space. After an entire year of chaos, you might be wondering where to start. Here are 3 simple tips for decluttering your apartment, and 3 amazing outlets for selling your stuff!

  1. Sell your clothes! Yes, it sounds weird, but sustainable fashion is the trend that’s a friend to your wallet and the environment. Even if you’re over your former favorite jacket or sweater, someone else may dig it. If you’re looking to sell your clothes check out Poshmark or Depop!
  2. Sell your furniture — for real. Before you consider leaving your old side table, desk chair, or bookshelf on the street (where it will no doubt take in grafitti, weather, and other forms of torture it doesn’t deserve) consider selling it! Again your wallet will receive a boost, and you’re helping extend the lifestycle of yourself. PS if you’re a New Yorker, AptDeco is the easiest way to sell your furniture! Pickup, delivery & assembly are all handled by their white glove delivery service so you can literally sell your stuff without lifting a finger.
  3. Sell your luxury goods — one of the best things about investing in luxury is that *for the most part* it hold’s its value (no we’re not talking about the orange gucci high heels that creepy sales rep talked you into a few years ago, but your old Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag might be worth a lot on a website like TheRealReal!

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