Resale marketplaces that are dope

Well, actually we’re gonna give a thumbs up to any sustainable marketplace. Any platform giving items a new life, we strongly approve. but we have a few favorites, five to be exact.

1. TheRealReal. We gotta hand it to them. Taking on a marketplace of luxury items, online is no easy feat. With people fearing authenticity issues, quality, all things that are held in such high esteem when shopping luxury, it’s amazing that they can pull off such a strong online marketplace. And its great to allow cost conscious consumers a place to shop for their dream items.

2. Grailed. Super sick finds, will have you drooling on your laptop and questioning if you really need a savings account or some dior jordan 1s. If the shopping isn’t enough to rope you in, the blog content will. They talk about the craziest sales, designer inspo, and bits on how to put the outfits together. Definitely a catch-all for style.

3. Next, ThredUP. We’ve used it before and talk about convenience (and cute packages! the thredup mail bag is adorable). Full transparency, the process can take a little while, but they evaluate your items, snag what they want, and either mail it back to you, or donate it if you want! Amazing.

4. Chairish. We like to think of Chairish like are super cool older sibling that sells some pretty fancy furniture. But for real, we’re talking about these weird (good weird) items that are super high end, aesthetic, and would probably end up in a Kylie Jenner Architectural Digest article before they ever ended up in our homes. Still pretty sick.

5. Depop is another amazing find. Think poshmark but a bit of a slicker design. The item selections are a little different as well. Poshmark does a great job of corralling certain brands, whereas Depop is sort of a resale free for all. If you’re looking for some old Levis, vintage Ralph Lauren, etc. Depop is where you should be.

And that’s a wrap on some of our favorite resalers.

Let us know, what’s your favorite place to buy secondhand?

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