Ikea NJ Vs. Ikea Brooklyn


When I first moved to New York, I quickly searched Ikea Brooklyn. My roommates mom, who had unofficially adopted me, kept continually giving me (unasked for) guidance, nearly snatched my phone and ushered me to search for the Ikea in NJ instead.

Truly, I had no idea there was anything even up for debate here.

It got me thinking, what’s the difference between shopping in Ikea NJ vs Ikea in Brooklyn. Is it worth the trek to NJ to save a little on tax?

I’m doing the Ikea NJ research for you so you don’t have to.

Getting there:

Ikea Brooklyn: We’re not gonna lie, we’ve done an entire post on Ikea Brooklyn and the wonder that is the water taxi. Maybe we’re just easily amused, but taking a free water taxi sounds like a pretty cool way to go get your furniture. If you’re not up for a sick, aquatic adventure though, there are shuttles and subway stops close-by as well. If you’re a cool person living in manhattan with a car (bless your soul) you can take the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Also please pick me up on the way next time, as this sounds so convenient.

Ikea NJ: In New Jersey, there’s also a shuttle and it leaves from Port Authority. Not nearly as exciting as the water taxi but it’s free so that should still hopefully thrill you. Again, if you have the luxury of owning a car, you’d take the Lincoln or Holland tunnel. I’d give Ikea Brooklyn the victory on this one, because you do have subway options as well!

The selection:

If you have something specific in mind, Ikea’s website will let you know what’s in stock and what isn’t. We’ll call this one a tie.

The Aesthetic:

Blue and yellow all day, honestly Ikea NJ and Ikea Brooklyn look the same, except for the fact that Ikea Brooklyn has an amazing view of the city and sits on the water. If you’re genuinely going for the day, and want to eat the famous Ikea meatballs in style, Ikea Brooklyn wins this one as well.

Making it home: 

Ikea Brooklyn: Outside there are guys waiting for you in cabs, which is nice because some Uber XL drivers will literally growl at you for trying to put a bed in their mini van (I’m sorry, why else did you buy a mini van?). The price varies on where you’re going, but generally around $50-$60.

Ikea New Jersey: If you live in mid or up-town, this is probably going to be the more affordable option for you. They do $39 same day delivery which you can’t beat! Again, you’ll save on tax as well.

Conclusion? While Ikea Brooklyn is definitely more fun, and visually aesthetic, Ikea NJ is the responsible financial decision.

Longer conclusion? My roommate’s mom was right.


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