Furniture storage: The pieces you NEED!

Storage furniture: A critical part of NYC Living.

If you live in NYC or any other city where you consider selling a kidney to pay for rent, you know what it’s like to live in a shoebox where storage is critical. Don’t sweat it, we picked out 10 of the best furniture storage that will help you survive living in a small space.

1. Let’s start in the living room:

if you have room for a coffee table then you definitely need to invest in a coffee table with storage. If you’re looking for a more discreet storage solution, a lift top coffee table might be best for you. Some of these coffee tables come with storage compartments where you can organize and conceal items, and they’re convenient for dining!

2. Next, storage benches.

Storage benches are amazing for organizing your belongings, offering your guests seating, AND there are so many DIYs and hacks on how to create and make your own benches for cheap.

3. Another critical item for living room storage is your tv stand.

While there are many sleek, modern tv stands on the market, you want to make sure you choose one that’s optimal for storage, that has drawers and cabinets for your belongings.

4. Another great alternative to coffee tables with storage is to swap them out for an ottoman!

Many ottomans have tops that lift up with storage inside, so you can neatly put away your things and have extra surface space either for a table tray or propping your feet up!

5. Another storage furniture piece you NEED is a bar cart!

PS this one from Ikea is amazing and will only run you $30. Even if you’re not interested in bartending or entertaining at your place, these carts are great for storing other items. Instead of using this as a bar cart, you could use it to organize your bath accessories, for example!

6. A storage bed is a life saver,

especially in NYC. We recommend one with drawers underneath so you can organize your clothes, and even replace the need for having a dresser!

7. This is a furniture hack I used last year: nightstands for storage!

A lot of people use these for small knick knacks, books, chargers, etc. I actually used my nightstands as dressers and it was great for saving space in my small New York apartment! I didn’t have quite enough room for a dresser, so using my nightstands and my one small closet worked perfectly!

We hope these tips help you save space and get organized! Comment your best storage furniture hacks below!

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