Furniture NYC: The 10 best places to go!

Furniture NYC: The places you need to go!

Next on the blog, we are presenting to you our holy grail: the 10 best furniture stores in NYC!
PS, we tried to fit in furniture stores for all budgets.
We know one store does not fit all wallets:
here are our top picks for furniture NYC:

Starting with our personal favorite: West Elm.

We like west elm for furniture NYC because its a mid-range choice, not insanely expensive like other designer furniture items, but better quality than target or Ikea.  There are two of these furniture stores in NYC, with the one on the upper west side having the best selection. PS their mid-century items are a MUST.

Cb2, is like West Elm’s cool sleek cousin.

If you love furniture with gold accents, look no further, this is where you need to go. Just like west elm, this is a great mid-range option with high quality pieces.

Restoration hardware, another staple.

If you have the wallet for it, head here immediately (they just opened a drool-worthy flagship in Chelsea, please start here!). And if you are shopping at restoration hardware, we assume you rent a place big enough for one of their beautiful sofas, which, you also need.

If you are like me, Ikea is more my speed.

The cool thing about Ikea is that the pieces are very minimalistic, and you can definitely style them to look expensive (seriously just change out a few hardware pieces and you can really up the furniture game!). PS if you need a guide to Ikea in Brooklyn, read ours!

Another NYC Furniture holy grail: Target.

If you’ve been living under a rock (it’s ok, we are here for you) in addition to target having affordable groceries, cute clothes, the world’s greatest fuzzy socks and electronics, they are crushing the furniture and home decor game. These pieces are always on trend and affordable!

Another great find in the city is a store called Blu-Dot.

Blu-dot is another mid to high tier option with some of the cleanest designs in the furniture game. They have a few simple styles with tons of customizable options. This is definitely a must-stop for the minimal lover.

Crate & Barrel is a classic,

and also perfect for stocking your kitchen with flatware and dishes. Also their french bistro collection is to die for if you have room for a dining table!

Coming soon is a quirky, cool furniture NYC shop.

It’s one of those stores where you can pick up an item and have no idea whether or not you are about to see a really expensive or affordable price tag which makes it simultaneously fun and terrifying.

AptDeco is a great used furniture store and its near you if you live in NYC.

Do not get confused, it’s not a physical store, but rather an online furniture store that serves the NYC tristate area. There are tons of great used furniture options with all the brands listed above but at half the price! And I feel like I can’t emphasize this part enough: they deliver it and assemble it for you. SO EASY.

Last but not least, a store you need to visit in NYC is ABC Carpet and home.

First, their online web shop really does not do them justice, second the physical store is incredible to visit.
Definitely a must stop, especially if you’re looking for a cool rug for your space!



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