Best places to find cheap furniture in NYC

New York is expensive, but finding cheap furniture is possible.

Even though the cost of living is exorbitant here, your furniture doesn’t have to be. We wanted to put together a list of the best places to find cheap furniture in NYC. Don’t let the word cheap scare you, we really just mean, affordable. We put together a list where you can still find quality pieces without being fearful that rent might not happen this month.

First, we had to do it. Ikea.

I know, it’s basic, but there are SO many great pieces here and you CAN make them look expensive! Our favorite: this is the best place to find cheap couches that are actually comfortable. One of my personal favorites is the Karlstad (pretends to know Swedish). This sofa comes in grey (you can grab a furniture cover like the one in this pic!) is comfortable, and don’t let the two cushions fool you. This affordable sofa can seat four people easily. FOUR. PS, if you haven’t been to ikea brooklyn, here’s our guide on everything you need to go before you visit.

 Shop ikea sofas on sale!



Another cheap furniture favorite: home goods.

Home goods is one of those cheap furniture places where you really have to put in the work, but you can find some great pieces. In addition to affordable furniture, they also have amazing decor items, and they’re almost always nestled next to a TJ Maxx, so definitely worth a trip!

One of my personal favorites: urban outfitters.

While urbanoutfitters is not as cheap or affordable as Ikea, it does have some very quality, trendy pieces that you can get for a reasonable price!


Urban outfitters on sale!

Target: the cheap furniture motherland.

In addition to stopping here for groceries, electronics and anything under the sun you can think of, Target has stepped up their furniture and decor game AND you can almost always leave with an item for under $100-$200. If your looking for cheap furniture stores, this may not be your first thought, but it should be!





target on sale!

Next, Muji

Another affordable furniture store you may not immediately think of is Muji! Be careful, not all Muji stores are equal. The flagship store on fifth avenue will definitely give you the most options if you’re looking to explore their cheap furniture!

Next is AptDeco.

While AptDeco doesn’t have a physical store, they are one of the most affordable places to buy furniture online, and they deliver and assemble in NYC. If you’re looking for cheap used furniture, lots of options AND don’t want to leave your apartment (score!) start here! PS AptDeco’s cheap couches are my favorite. If you’re in the market for a cheap sofa, here are a few options for you:


Furnish green,

Furnish green, in NYC has vintage furniture finds that are affordable! This store has a limited amount of options, but great affordable finds if you’re down to make the trip.

Finally H&M home,

I know, H&M not only provides us with great affordable clothes, but now is blessing us with affordable home decor and furniture. While mostly textiles and decor, they do have some affordable storage options, rugs, and homeware that’s worth checking out.

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