5 Unusual gift ideas no one else will get them!

What’s the most stressful part of gifting during the holiday season? Boy, where do we begin?

Making the list of people you need to shop for, the deep dive into your psyche about how well you actually know the person, or the crippling fear that once you *finally* think of the perfect gift, someone else may have bought the same thing. That’s why we’re bringing you 5 unusual gift ideas no one else will think of!

  1. The gift for the jet-setter

    You know those cringe-worthy neck pillows that actually look like under-zealous beanbag chairs for your neck? There’s a better wrap version called the Trtl Travel pillow. It’s a discreet wrap that provides neck support for your friend who’s constantly on the go
  2. The gift for the decorator

    Conundrum two: that friend who loves cool vintage decor and home accessories? Get them something from Aptdeco. Thrifting is fun but during the holidays there isn’t always time to hunt down the perfect gift and visit numerous shops, not to mention the logistics behind arranging delivery. Aptdeco takes care of pickup and delivery so all you have to do is browse online!
  3. The gift for the phone-addict

    Your friend who can’t get off their phone? Don’t worry. We still love them too. This swipe cleaner erases all the icky smudges, and its travel-sized so they can throw it in their bag on the run! Grab one from Amazon!
  4. The gift for the long distance friend

    Whether its your closest friend or a family member you miss, these lamps are synced via an app so that when one person taps it, the other person’s lamp lights up. Its a cool decor piece and a sweet way to let someone know they’re missed. Shop this at uncommongoods
  5. The gift for the friend who’s always trying to give you crystals and read your horoscope

    I bet you’re thinking of someone right now, too. And guess what? There’s nothing this person will appreciate more than hydration, positive energy, and cleansing negative energy. Snag one from freepeople

Finally, let us know, what’s the most unique gift you’ve received?

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