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Whether you’re a seasoned Ikea pro, or it’s your first time going to Ikea in Brooklyn, there are some things you just need to know before your next trip. Allow us to introduce to you, 10 things you MUST know before going to Ikea Brooklyn NY.

ikea Brooklyn NY

The transportation hack:


First thing’s first: getting there. If you’re like me, the main thing holding you back from going to Ikea right this instant is accessibility. Let’s face it: the subway can only get you so far. You could walk, but it’s not the greatest, most scenic walk or you could take the bus. Here’s our first Ikea hack, take the Ikea ferry! Not only does this provide a scenic tour of NYC, but if you go on a weekday and end up spending $10 at Ikea, they’ll give you $5 back!

Ikea Brooklyn ferry

The best time to visit hack:

Next: Ikea Brooklyn hours. Every time I find myself at the Brooklyn Ikea, I’m faced dancing around tons of guests while trying to find what i’m looking for, and then find myself waiting in a crazy long line at checkout. So when’s the best time to shop? If you can manage, your best time to visit Brooklyn’s Ikea store is on a weekday right after it opens.

The missing parts hack:

Our next Ikea hack: getting back those missing parts! Building Ikea furniture is a real undertaking at times. What’s worse? Being close to finally building your furniture and realizing you’re missing a part. Near customer service is a section where you can get spare parts if you’ve lost some! Side note, if you live in NYC, Aptdeco.com has used Ikea furniture at half the price, AND they come and deliver and assemble it for you (if you’re not into that whole Ikea Brooklyn delivery thing or trying to build furniture yourself).

The dining hack:

Ikea hack 4: New York dining is expensive. In addition to saving on furniture, you can save money dining at Ikea! We’re singing our praises too: finally a cheap place to eat in NYC! If you go on Tuesdays, kids eat free AND if you’re an Ikea family member: YOU. GET. FREE. COFFEE. Need we say more?

ikea family
Ikea family

The furniture building hack:

Back to the struggle of furniture building. If you’re ever unsure about something ask an employee (seriously!). As part of Ikea training, employees need to know how to build the furniture pieces (Think about all those beautiful showroom display pieces you see! Someone had to build them, right?). Don’t forget, when you’re at Ikea in Brooklyn or anywhere else, all the experts are literally right around you.

The money saving hack:

This next hack is not only an Ikea hack, but a money saving hack! If you purchase an item and within 90 days it goes on sale or gets discounted, Ikea will honor this discount! Save your receipts, New York!

The secret hack:

Our next tip is about a mythical section in Ikea I never knew existed, and it’s called “As-is”. This is Ikea’s sale / clearance section. Remember our tip about Ikea Brooklyn hours and when to go? Hit this on a Monday morning. It’s restocked, and you’ll have fewer other customers to compete with when sifting through this magical section.

The time-saving hack:

Here’s an Ikea hack for saving time: if you’re on a time crunch, skip the showroom and enter through the exit. It’ll take you right to the warehouse area so you can go grab whatever item you need!

The sale hack:

If the Ikea “as-is” section didn’t excite you enough, you can find Ikea items on sale, online on Amazon and Aptdeco. Both websites have items up to 50% off!

Ikea sale on AptDeco

The last-chance hack:

Finally, look out for items with a yellow tag. The yellow tag on Ikea furniture indicates it’s a last chance item! So many money saving Ikea hacks!

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