3 Websites to buy and Sell furniture that aren’t craigslist.

Trying to shop or sell used furniture? Don’t want to deal with the craigslist crazies? Don’t worry.

We get it. Buying and selling used furniture can be a hassle. There’s the trouble of getting people to find it, the struggle of finding a good buyer, and then the logistics. How do I remove my sofa from my apartment and get it to this stranger’s? And how do I make sure this stranger isn’t the craigslist, florida-man-news worthy, fearsome person I’ve heard countless tales of? Thankfully it’s not as difficult or as daunting as it sounds.

First, there’s AptDeco.

AptDeco is great because it’s a mix of a community of buyers and sellers and curated used but amazing furniture. You know you’re shopping quality, pre-loved products and you’re purchasing from buyers who aren’t craigslist serial killers (yay!). What’s even better is that while the buyers and sellers are verified, you never actually have to interact with them in person (if you’re an Anti-social New Yorker, you’ve met your dream online furniture shop). AptDeco takes care of the socializing, the pick-up and the delivery, so there’s no awkward conversation or heavy lifting.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 4.31.53 PM.png

Another favorite: Chairish

Chairish is cool if you’re a shopper with particularly high-end designer tastes and love scouring the internet for these kind of finds. While AptDeco offers a variety for many price points, Chairish serves a very specific shopper who loves really expensive furniture designers. The site also has jewelry, rugs and blog inspiration if you’re looking to redecorate.


Finally, First Dibs.

If you’re really looking to spend (first, please adopt me, I’m 27 and financially needy) 1stDibs is for you. 1stDibs is curated vintage furniture from all over the world with some of the most unique pieces you’ll find (or if you own one of these beautiful unique pieces and you’re looking to sell your furniture, this is a great place to start).


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