3 Sofa beds you should consider for your space

New York: We know it’s the great city in the world, but it has a few issues. One being that there’s inevitably limited space in your apartment. I’m talking shoes in the stove, using your refrigerator to also store your books, etc. I barely have room for a twin bed, much less a “guest bed”.

SO, what do you do when you have a guest over? Or if your apartment is too small for a bed AND a sofa? Two. Magic. Words.

Sleeper Sofa.

I picked out three of these magical furniture creations that you need to check out ASAP. (PS, If you just want to shop a ton of different styles and explore for yourself, we made a huge collection of tons of sleeper sofas here!)

  1. The West Elm Henry Queen Sleeper Sofa:HenrySofa

    First, it looks great. Second, it’s a QUEEN bed. That’s right, sleep like a queen, or let your guests sleep like a queen. Seriously, try to find a better looking sofa that’s this functional!

  2. Room & Board Eden Convertible Sleeper Sofa:edensofa.jpeg

    This sofa is a winner because of its functionality.  Some sleeper sofas are insanely complicated! This one isn’t, and that’s why we love it. It’s also got a great midcentury modern vibe, which you can’t go wrong with. The structure of this is lean, so if your apartment is small, this is the perfect piece!

  3. Cb2 Movie Sleeper Sofa:expensive.jpeg

    This sofa is our top choice because it completely shatters that idea that a sleeper sofa could ever look frumpy or cheap. This sofa looks super expensive and is still incredibly practical! Find it here for 40% off!

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